Without Global Human Rights
There Will Never Be Peace.


Toosi, a women’s rights activist who has been in prison is very sick and according to the prison doctor he is prevented from dispensing medicine to her.

Nasrin Setudeh the legal mind and defender of the Iranian women’s right

They almost succeeded in a few days to collect one million signatures against the Gender Apartheid Islamic laws, but the oppressors barged in to their homes, beat them up in front of their husbands and children, arrested, imprisoned and tortured them. The signatures were confiscated and destroyed.

A few of the brave mothers who's children were killed by the Islamic regime. They were arrested, beaten up and imprisoned for posing for this photo.

Two Iranian women one inside Iran and one actor outside Iran.
One is protecting her face from Acid throwing thugs unleashed by the regime, the other has fled the tyranny to be free.
One lives under the laws of slavery as the property of men, the other displays her pride and independence.
Where are the western feminists to support the women inside Iran?

They whole heartedly participated in the constitutional revolution and gave their lives for freedom. But they were betrayed by their men who wrote the new constitution in 1906. The family affairs were left under the control of the powerful Muslim clergies. Soon after, the women established an under ground organization called; “the secret society of the ladies” and continued their struggle for equal rights. By 1972 the women of Iran had finally accomplished what they had set out to do in 1888,

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